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Monday, October 15

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Can You Hear






  • Monday vocal lessons are cancelled (Destiny & Reanna) and will be rescheduled after October 22.  All other lessons will remain as schedule for next week. 
  • Tuesday lessons are Sara, Selina, Anastasia, Jordan, Amber
  • Choir Make-up Journals are due by next Monday, October 22 6:00pm.  Journals turned in after 6:00pm will not be accepted.  When your journal is complete please drag the file into your 'In Box'. 
  • Danielle will be here Wednesday to collect books and money during all lunches.  This is your only chance to turn in books and money - don't forget!  
  • Our first concert of the year is next Monday, October 15.  Call time will be 6:15 in the gym @ Bay Port.  You need to be wearing your dress, slip, shoes, jewelry, & nylons.  Doors will open at 6:45, the concert begins @ 7:00 and will end @ 8:00.  This is a REQUIRED performance   
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  • Cloudy Day 
  • Rich Tone 
  • Zah Oh



Lesson Plan  

Review Rubrics 

Concert Seating


Run I Have a Dream


Child of the Arts  

  • Change Ending, Practice
  • Run 


Can You Hear

  • Sing w/video
  • Practice 'Shah' 


To Music


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