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Tuesday, October 30

Page history last edited by Robbie Doelger 7 years, 10 months ago


  • VOCAL ASSESSMENTS ONLY THIS WEEK - NO REGULAR LESSONS!  If you are missing lessons take advantage!  
  • Tuesday assessments are Selina, Sara, Brianna, Reanna, Amber, Cassie
  • Thursday assessments are Irene, Josie, Destiny, Jordan
  • Please check PowerSchool.  Everything is current. 
  • Some of you still have not complete your Individual Musical Growth Reflection.  Please have this done by the end of the week!  
    • Sam, Sara, Josie, Brianna, Alex W
  • Some of you are missing lessons - please have all lessons completed by the end of the week!
    • Sam-V&C, Sara-C, Josie-V&C, Selina-C, Tara-C, Amber-C, Brianna-V&C, Alex W-C
  • Pops is this Friday & Saturday @ 7:00pm in the PAC 




  • Running 3rds
  • Skipping 3rds
  • Minor Scales



Rhythm Reading

  • 1.4, 12-14



Lesson Plan  


  • Remain in room
  • Behave responsibly & maturely
  • No Locker Passes




  • Briana
  • Reanna
  • Amber
  • Cassie 


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